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“The opera asks us to see her as evil, but she is flamboyantly evil in a way that is so very fun to watch.

                                                                                                                                                       - New England Theatre Geek, Boston Opera Collaborative, The Dangerous Liaisons


“Rounding out the cast is Krista Marie Laskowski, who plays the steadfast and endearing young suitor, Siebel, one of the best ‘pants roles’ performances that I have seen recently. Laskowski makes each of Siebel’s songs feel inspired and flow seamlessly from the opera’s action and story. Laskowski’s rich [mezzo] fills the space to gorgeous effect, charming the rest of us to take a second look at this neglected lover.”


                                                                                                             - Arts Impulse, Boston Opera Collaborative, Faust

“In the pants role of Siebel, mezzo-soprano Krista Marie Laskowski brought gravitas - her reading proclaimed him as every inch the Serious Young Man. There was something remote about this Siebel, his emotional life buried deep within a fortress of decorum and reserve. Though Laskowski’s reading yielded touching moments of tenderness, one wished for a few more glimpses of the deep devotion that binds Siebel to Marguerite. Laskowski’s hazel-colored, pleasantly reedy timbre well suited her characterization; her sound set her at a distance from the flashier trio of sensualists with whom she shared the stage.”

- The Boston Musical Intelligencer, Boston Opera Collaborative, Faust


“Krista Marie Laskowski brought a darkly lyrical [mezzo-soprano] to the role of Merteuil. She found the characters many layers of personality, from seductive temptress to a cunning, angry woman trapped in a man’s world.”


- Boston Classical Review, Boston Opera Collaborative, The Dangerous Liaisons

"Laskowski conveyed the role with singing of bright elegance that delivered a keen sense of humanity in a character drawn into desolation."

- Boston Classical Review, Boston Opera Collaborative, From the Diary of Virginia Woolf


“Krista Laskowski...scored as Xerxes' fiancee Amastre."

- The Herald-Times, Xerxes

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